3 Tools All Homeowners Need

When you own your home, it’s a magical time. You finally become free to do as you please with the place you live, and homeowners experience an astounding sense of pride. The one thing many new homeowners don’t think about, however, is the need to carry out all routine maintenance and emergencies on their own. There is no landlord to bail you out.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve come up with three tools all homeowners need to ensure they can fix most basic, common situations which occur. While these three won’t fix everything that might pop up, having them on hand (and knowing how to use them) can help significantly. 

1: Locksmith Set

A locksmith tool set is one necessary tool that many homes lack. While you could call a professional locksmith company, it is so much easier to have the tools on hand and know how to use them yourself. Plus, with your locksmith set you can do more than open the front or back doors. You can also open boxes or other locked items you no longer possess the keys for.

2: Hand Drill

A hand drill is a versatile tool that will get plenty of use. You can use it to quickly fix your trim by securing it back in place. Hanging pictures becomes ridiculously simple. You can build a simple shelf from recycled wooden pieces, or even pull out screws in the wall leftover from the previous occupants.

3: Chainsaw

locksmith tool set

A chainsaw may not get as much use as a hand drill, but it is just as handy. At some point you will experience a storm, and with those high winds comes a strong possibility of fallen limbs. A chainsaw allows you to easily head outside once the weather clears and get rid of those limbs on your own. Just cut them into smaller pieces and throw them away or burn them!