Choices For Those Who Are Serious About Self Defense

It is a uniquely American feeling to be able to own and carry a firearm. Many who are active in outdoors activities enjoy having many range of choices regarding the kind of hunting rifles they choose to buy. But for the purposes of self-defense or even in the private security industry, there are choices as well regarding what kind of Glocks they’d prefer to own. With the varied choices and styles in the market, there is always something available to suit everyone’s tastes.

When it comes to choosing a firearm, some choose to focus on whether it simply does the job without any additional features. A standard 9mm Glock is the widely used firearm in the law enforcement and personal security services. It is a reliable gun with enough of a magazine case for 17 rounds and is lightweight. This is essential since it needs to be easily accessible for ready use should the moment call for it.


Another choice available for gun owners is the option to have them custom colored to personal preference. Although this may add to the price, there are various reasons why having them colored in a specific manner would be useful. Perhaps one wants to wear a color or shade of clothing and needs to carry a concealed firearm beneath their clothing. It helps that it would match the color of the wearer.

In addition to color customization, other personal features could be the weight of the gun, the way the handle grips in the hands, magazine capacity, and thickness of the barrel. Another feature is a night-sight scope that allows for aiming even in low light surroundings. Being able to build your own gun is a sure way of getting the maximum use for the specific purpose for the user.