Top S&W Guns

Some names are better than others. And so, when you hear the smith & wesson, you know you’ve found something that stands out from the rest. Since the 1800s, the S&W brand has produced phenomenal weapons that become synonymous with Old West lifestyle. The brand is most known for their handguns, but offers a variety of weapons to suit the needs of every gun enthusiast. Some of the brand’s best weapons released to date include:

Model 29

The Model 29 firearm is a blue, six cylinder steel revolver with a refreshing style and wood grips. This weapon was used in the ‘Dirty Harry” movie.  It has a barrel ranging in length from 4″ to 10″ and uses a .44 Magnum cartridge. Although the Model 29 was discontinued in 1999, it is now back in production!


The 1911A1 is the S&W version of the John Moses Browning 1911 handgun, hence the name. The weapon has a stainless steel barrel but otherwise takes on the same look as the original. There are a couple of styles of the 1911A1 handgun out there.

smith & wesson

442 Pro Series

The 442 Pro Series handgun is one of the smallest revolvers ever created. It features an aluminum alloy frame that reduces the weight of the weapon and the actual cylinder itself. It holds five rounds and has a narrow design that makes it easier to carry.

S&W has hundreds of guns under their belt, so this is a very partial list.  The weapons listed here, however, are pretty amazing and well-known by anyone with a passion for guns. You can spend the day browsing their arsenal of weapons and enjoy yourself immensely if you enjoy guns. There is no question the brand has many amazing weapons out there!